Burlap Kippot

Elegance, meet rustic charm.

Available in a range of colours, the Deluxe Burlap Kippot are a way to enhance to your simcha with a stylish highlight.

The Deluxe Burlap Kippot come in a 6-panel shape configuration, in a 7½ inch (19 cm) size, with white cotton twill lining, and with an option for (extra charge applies) a button on top.

Clip options include free hidden kippah clip slits with black, silver, or gold clips.

Personalization can be imprinted directly on the kippah lining, in black, silver, or gold, and in one of 13 different font options.

Colour Options

01 Black
Black Deluxe Burlap
08 Light Grey
Light Grey Deluxe Burlap
10 Grey
Grey Deluxe Burlap
11 Ivory
Ivory Deluxe Burlap
12 Lavender
Lavender Deluxe Burlap
14 Navy Blue
Navy Blue Deluxe Burlap
17 Pink
Pink Deluxe Burlap
20 Purple
Purple Deluxe Burlap
22 Royal Blue
Royal Blue Deluxe Burlap
24 Turquoise
Turquoise Deluxe Burlap
26 White
White Deluxe Burlap
29 Light Blue
Light Blue Deluxe Burlap
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