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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long in advance of a simcha should kippot be ordered?  What if I don't know how many will be needed, as the RSVPs have yet to arrive?

    • It would depend on the type of kippah you need.  Some of our kippot can be ordered in as little as 4 weeks without any rush fees.  For the biggest variety, leave at least 6 weeks to order them, 8 weeks if you want to get them with time to spare. 

  • How many kippot should I order?

    • The first question is what you're planning to use the kippot for - if it's to be a memento of the simcha that you want each person/couple/family to be able to keep, then the answer is pretty simple: one kippah per person/couple/family.​
      But if your main idea is to have them available for men to use at the function, then the suggested amount should be about 50% of your number of expected guests.
      If, on the other hand, you want to have them available for those guests who don't have their own kippah to wear, then there are other factors that come in to play - is the event in a synagogue where people would be more likely to bring their own?  Is the crowd a more religious crowd that wears them anyway?

  • I have my own design that I'd like to use.  Is that possible?

    • Absolutely!  We love working with custom designs.  We can have your custom design printed onto a kippah for you.​

  • I want to use fonts to match to the invitation.  Can we do that?  And is there an extra charge?

    • Sure, with most of our kippot we can definitely do that!  And in most cases, at no extra charge.  If you know the names of the fonts (you can always ask the invitation designer), then you can usually upload them during the order process.  And for the kippah types where that's not an option in the order form, just get in touch with us and we can help with that (but in those cases, there will be an extra charge).

  • Can you imprint in languages other than English and Hebrew?

    • With most of our kippot, we can print in any language at no extra charge, as long as the t​he text can be provided to us so that we can copy and paste it in to the design.  For a small portion of our kippot, there would be an extra charge to set it up.
  • Can I get a sample?  Is there a cost?

    • We can provide free samples - in some cases, if we do not have a kippah exactly as requested, we may provide a sample kippah in another colour, with a swatch of the requested colour fabric as well.

  • Will a proof be provided before the order goes to print?

    • Yes, usually within 24-48 hours after the order details are received, sometimes even faster.​  (Please note that weekends and holidays are not included in that timeframe.)

  • Do you provide discounts to charitable organizations or to resellers/event planners?

    • Sure!  Drop us a line to let us know a bit about who you are and what your needs are, and we'll set up special pricing for you.​

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