A timeless classic for a new generation.

MicroSuede Kippot are made of a high quality suede-effect synthetic material, in a variety of colours to suit your simcha colour scheme.

The MicroSuede Kippot come in a 4-panel shape configuration, in a 6¼ inch (16 cm) size.

Customize your MicroSuede Kippah with your unique logo embroidered onto the outside of the Kippah to make it a truly one-of-a-kind conversation piece!

Clip options include free black, silver, or gold clips; or for an extra cost, a pair of Perma-Clip wig-style clips permanenty affixed to the interior of the kippah.

Personalization can be imprinted directly on the kippah lining in any font style and in black, silver, gold, or white.

MicroSuede Kippot

Colour Options

001 Black
Black MicroSuede
002 White
White MicroSuede
003 Dark Royal Blue
Dark Royal Blue MicroSuede
005 Electric Blue
Electric Blue MicroSuede
006 Dark Grey
Dark Grey MicroSuede
007 Purple
Purple MicroSuede
008 Magenta
Magenta MicroSuede
010 Orange
Orange MicroSuede
011 Mint Green
Mint Green MicroSuede
012 Brown
Brown MicroSuede
013 Hot Pink
Hot Pink MicroSuede
014 Green
Green MicroSuede
015 Royal Blue
Royal Blue MicroSuede
016 Chocolate Brown
Chocolate Brown MicroSuede
017 Navy Blue
Navy Blue MicroSuede
018 Gold
Gold MicroSuede
019 Silver
Silver MicroSuede
020 Cherry Red
Cherry Red MicroSuede
021 Slate Grey
Slate Grey MicroSuede
022 Off White
Off White MicroSuede
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