Premium PolySilk Kippot

No need to compromise.  With our Premium PolySilk Kippot, custom-made to your specifications, you can have it your way.

Our Premium PolySilk Kippot are made using a synthetic fabric which offers a true Raw Silk-effect look and feel, so you can have the most elegant looking Kippot around, while still sticking to a more modest budget!

Build your Premium PolySilk Kippah as a classic single-colour design, or go with a multi-colour panel setup, or contrasting buttons or trims.  (Extra charge applies.)

Customize your Premium PolySilk Kippah with your unique logo embroidered onto the outside of the Kippah to make it a truly one-of-a-kind conversation piece!


Available in 4- (slightly flatter, less pronounced curved shape) or 6-panel (slightly rounder, more pronounced curved shape) configurations, and with or without a button on top.

As these kippot are made in Israel, the sizing is metric.  The following sizes are available to order: (Please note that size is measured along the curve over the top of the kippah.)

14cm (5½ in) · 15cm (6 in) · 16cm (6¼ in) · 17cm (6⅔ in) · 18cm (7 in)

19cm (7½ in) · 20cm (8 in) · 21cm (8¼ in) · 22cm (8⅔ in) · 23cm (9 in)


Clip options include free hidden Invisi-Clip kippah clip slits with black, silver, or gold clips; or for an extra cost, a pair of stitched-in Perma-Clip wig-style clips.

Lining colour options can be seen here.

Personalization can be imprinted directly on the kippah lining, or on to a satin ribbon (almost too many colour options to mention!) which will be stitched into the lining.  For colour samples, click here.


Imprinting can be done in any font style and print colour.

Colour Options

001 White
White Premium PolySilk Kippot
002 Black
Black Premium PolySilk Kippot
003 Charcoal
Charcoal Premium PolySilk Kippot
004 Dark Royal Blue
Dark Royal Blue Premium PolySilk Kippot
005 Beige
Beige Premium PolySilk Kippot
006 Bittersweet Chocolate
Bittersweet Chocolate Premium PolySilk Kippot
007 Copper
Copper Premium PolySilk Kippot
010 Salmon
Salmon Premium PolySilk Kippot
011 Light Pink
Light Pink
012 Bordeaux
Bordeaux Premium PolySilk Kippot
013 Plum
Plum Premium PolySilk Kippot
014 Berry Purple
Berry Purple Premium PolySilk Kippot
015 Blue Orchid
Blue Orchid Premium PolySilk Kippot
016 Olive
Olive Premium PolySilk Kippot
017 Teal
Teal Premium PolySilk Kippot
018 Baby Blue
Baby Blue Premium PolySilk Kippot
019 Cream
Cream Premium PolySilk Kippot
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